Business Application & Samples
Glue Mold
3D Print could make a mold to promote research efficient
Board Game of RummiKub
3D print could make board game samples
Support Medical Appliances
To print in time to steady the wounded
Produce Light Components
Compare the weight of components between hardware and 3d print
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Education & Learning
Davinci Secret Bottle
To understand tenon ethics for education
Rolling Stone Cyclening
To do an educational toy
Archimedes Spiral
High school physical lesson application
3D Surprised Egg
Designer use 3D print to design a toy egg
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Personal Application
Draw Magic Circles
Let's do a spirograph!
A Surprised Egg
To design a Kinder egg
To Sent An Christmas Card
Send an christmas puzzle card
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The 3D printers could print a sample to test, it also could combine or instead of the traditional industry. 

Compare to the traditional one, 3d print sample costs less, saving time, also could directly use it.       

  The 3D print could help users print in time to test the product, reducing the period for waiting for the samples to become much more efficient.

We test the sample is about bicycle water holders, it only cost half day to get the mold. 


      3D列印除了在醫學領域能為患者量身打造義肢外,我們也能自己列印輔助用小物,比如游泳矯正器、鑰匙、門鎖、襪子、筷子輔助器‧‧‧等等。 對關節炎的患者是一大幫助。




與以往不同,這次學生可以透過 #3D列印,討論修改"實驗"的空間更大了。

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