For business user, multiple material could be used. 

KINGSSEL K-3030, printing scale Ø300mm X 300mm.

The large machine mold to the small component is all could be printed 


Printing Accuracy


Printing Scale


Colorful Touched Screen
Language could be changed

Specific Feature


Large Scale

Colorful Touch Screen

Rigid Structure

Multiple Extruder

Support PLA、TPU、PC、PA...etc.

工作區域 8_0.75x.png

Safety Temperature Monitor


Prevent Warpage

Boutique Appearance

Auto Level-Correcting

Quick Release Nozzle

Intelligence Wire Detection 

Auto wire detection,  continue-printed

32bit Mother Board



   Print scale Ø300x300mmsuit for the business user. The whole structure is made of high accuracy build mold,
CNC components, high flatness alumni print platform to reach the accuracy and stable.  



Boutique Appearance

    Whole structure deal with high-quality
5 times anode, getting the durable, metal black appearance that leads the 3d printer as the boutique facility position.

Wire Detection

    As the marketing research, most of the 3d printer when it's wire ended and the sample is a failure. It also means the wire is non-useable.
    The intelligence wire detection of K-3030 let the user do not have this confused. Auto-stopped function happened when it memory the process, when the new.wire is feed in the printer, clicking the button to continue printing.


    To reach industry 4.0, K-3030 WIFI system combines the internet of things
With the wifi, every user could connect the printer in the are, that multiple people could use a printer in their office. 




    The whole structure is being CNC and
5 times the anode process for durable and stylish. This also makes the printing accurate for a high stander.




    User doesn’t worry about spending time with level correcting for every printing time. The level auto-correcting will help you to make sure have an accuracy platform to print that for clicking the icon could be done with quick, simple and accurate.


    The Independent development 5-inch colorful touched UI screen that could customize language setting to provide simple intuitive operation for the user.

Colorful Touched Screen


    Multiple Extruder by independent research and development. 
Don't need any other components and software to supports multiple materials (etc. PLA, TPU, PC, PA, PETG) to print. 




    KING series could support 0.2mm~0.8mm nozzle. According to the object size, accuracy needs to quick-release change it. The most efficient could save 20 times print time. 



    In time temperature detection that nozzle temperature and heat-bed temperature. If there is any problem, the detection will warn with auto-stopped to at the same time to make sure the printer safety.


     To reduce the warping situation, heat-bed could help the materials to stay at a stable temperature. The highest temperature could reach140℉.



Mother Board

    Differ from another 3d printer owns 8-bit motherboard, KINGSSEL 3d printer use 32-bit motherboard. With the 32-bit motherboard, KINGSSEL has high calculated speed, fluent movement to print the high accuracy objects.


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