3D print could test sample  before CNC  to check the appearance.

    E.g. mold industry, 3D print could raise the efficient, safe time and money to print a sample.  

    3D print could help researcher high speed sample print, make sure the product to reduce the time period for waiting work days.

    The sample is showed by bicycle water bottle holder, it only spend half day to print it.

    How much weight could 3D print lose?

     As screw for example, 6g could reduce to 2g, if the component be used on bicycle, drone, anemoscope, they can reach the goal as light weight for application. 

      3D print helps designer to check the appearance in time then modify the problems.  

E.g. board game  


    3D print could print a customize medical appliance help patient in time. 

    E.g. swimming correcting support, chopsticks support, door support, all of them are helper  for  rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Senior high Physical class use the Archimedes principle to transfer the material and discuss about it.

By 3d print samples, students print a mold then talk about the experimental issue.

Business Application & Samples
Glue Mold
3D Print could make a mold to promote research efficient
Board Game of RummiKub
3D print could make board game samples
Support Medical Appliances
To print in time to steady the wounded
Produce Light Components
Compare the weight of components between hardware and 3d print
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Education & Learning
Davinci Secret Bottle
To understand tenon ethics for education
Rolling Stone Cyclening
To do an educational toy
Archimedes Spiral
High school physical lesson application
3D Surprised Egg
Designer use 3D print to design a toy egg
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Design your own style
Kinder Eggs
Chocolate, toy and surprised!
3D Christmas tree card
Send a different 3d Christmas card to your best friend.
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